Playlist: For a Heavy Heart

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Playlist: For a Heavy Heart

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This short and sweet playlist was curated for you by the women of The Nest; it invites you to sit and feel.

These songs are just right for the season of autumn, a reminder to leave what’s heavy behind. Release guilt, pain, regret, or worry into the past; let go of what is no longer serving you in the present.

We also know that a song that just says let it go doesn’t do justice to the weight of a heavy heart. One verse says, “take a trip to your dark side; go on and have a good cry.” The sacred work of release is not easy or simple. You have to dive in and be with whatever you find – and trust that this is the way to bring love there. Many laboring women know deeply this truth of transformation: the only way out is though.

This echoes a lot of the healing work that is guided at The Nest. We are not scared of a heavy heart. When you need us, we are here to hold you.


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