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Playlist: For a Heavy Heart

Playlist: For a Heavy Heart

This short and sweet playlist is just right for the season of autumn, a reminder to leave what’s heavy behind. The sacred work of release is not easy or simple. You have to dive in and be with whatever you find – and trust that this is the way to bring love there. The women of The Nest are not scared of a heavy heart. When you need us, we are here to hold you.

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Meditation: Entering the Sacred Garden of the Heart

Entering the Sacred Garden of the Heart

In this guided meditation, we first find connection to the natural word. We then travel inward to the garden of the heart, bathing in the sacred pool of the wellspring of our Divinity and asking for guidance from the spiritual world for this moment right now. We complete this journey by bringing the remembrance of our Divine nature back with us to enliven the body.

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